Heart Care International is honored to have an Advisory Board dedicated to providing advice and counsel to the Board of Directors on matters related to the proper and efficient function of our organization. The Advisory Board is made up of key medical professionals and long-term volunteers dedicated to Heart Care International. Its responsibilities include working to enhance and improve the day-to-day operations, specifically focused on trip preparation and execution.

Our Advisory Board members:
Dr. Robert Michler, Founder and Chairman
Rev. Ron Allison
Tony Angelo
Dr Robert Dabal
Dr. Peter Dyke
Andy Fox
Mike Gardocki
Greg Islan
Dr. Juan Leon-Wyss
Nick Mellas
Sally Michler
Dr. Alistair Phillips
Dr. Ken Remy
Dr. William Schechter
Betsy Tirado, RN
Dr. Joe Tobias
Dr. Sam Weinstein