Heart Care International believes that it is mainly through education and hands on training of the local medical teams that we can build capacity that truly achieves a lasting impact on the health of children that are born with congenital heart disease. We also believe that the medical training that we provide has to be custom-made to the needs and interests of the host country heart team and offered in a very respectful manner.

For this reason, Heart Care International’s main focus is to work closely with the local medical community. First, we identify their needs, interests and skills, and then we plan each medical mission so that their needs are met and their skills advanced. During each medical mission, we jointly perform the interventional treatments and post-op care.

Heart Care International is very fortunate to have among its members, medical professionals who, in addition to traveling with us, dedicate many long hours at home developing educational programs, curriculums and presentations to be used during the trip.

Heart Care International ICU Nursing Team Captain, Betsy Tirado RN, created a Parent/Family Handbook which is distributed to all families with children undergoing heart procedures on each mission. This guide helps the family organize important information that they will need to reference after the child has returned home and provides explanations about what to expect in terms of recovery as well as detailed explanations of the medical terminology that the parents will be hearing as it relates to their child's congenital heart disease. To view the Spanish version of the Parent Handbook, please click here. To view the English version of the Parent Handbook, please click here.