El Salvador May 2014 Success Stories

Thursday, June 12, 2014

With a team of medical professionals from 8 different States and 3 different countries, HCI arrived in San Salvador on May 17th and partnered with the Bloom Hospital professionals to screen 17 children and operate on 13. To kick off the week, HCI conducted a full day Educational Seminar for the local nursing staff, which helped ensure that the in-country nursing staff worked seamlessly with the HCI ICU and OR nursing staff, resulting in the highest calibre medical care for all patients. The partnership with Sana Mi Corazon, the local NGO, solidified the mission's success for not just the patients but also the team members...ensuring that every logistical aspect was attended to and monitored with incredible efficiency. The mission was capped off with a special visit from the National Minister of Health, who engaged with the team members and patients. This was truly a magical week, with all children returning home post-surgery to enjoy their new health!


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