In-Kind Donations Make a Difference

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heart Care International has been a grateful recipient of support from the AmeriCares Medical Outreach program since 2005, supporting 16 teams with over $373,000 in donated products. The AmeriCares MO program donates medicines and medical products to over 1,200 US based/licensed volunteer medical teams traveling to over 80 countries each year to provide medical services in communities where even the most basic medical care if often non-existent or inaccessible. In the case of Heart Care International, this support enables our teams to save the lives of children battling heart defects in countries that are not able to provide these services to their youngest citizens. With a focus on strengthening local health care and making a profound impact on the productivity and quality of life for the patients they care for, Heart Care International shares AmeriCares's goal of being a true partner with the host country medical institution. With AmeriCares's support, Hearth Care International has been able to perform life saving heart surgeries on children at a fraction of the cost of a similar procedure done in the US. Heading to Peru in November 2014 and El Salvador in January 2015, Heart Care International continues to welcome support from AmeriCares.


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