In 2011, Heart Care International travelled to Peru for the first time to provide specialized high quality treatment to children with congenital heart disease. The result was astonishing. Heart Care International quickly built a strong relationship with the Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño and discovered a highly committed medical community keen on raising the quality of their cardiac service.

Missions to Peru have a strong focus on training and education and usually last 2-3 weeks. One week is dedicated to patient screening and selection. Cardiologists from both teams work closely together conducting and reviewing echocardiograms and diagnostic catheterizations. During the first week, several days are dedicated to lectures and workshops attended by many nurses and doctors. The second week kicks-off with a cardiology – surgery meeting attended by both medical teams. It is during this conference that all potential surgical cases are reviewed and discussed. The remainder of the week is dedicated to surgical and catheter-based interventional treatments.

Heart Care International is looking forward to conducting the 7th mission to Peru in November 2015. This mission will continue to forward the agenda of contributing to the education and training of the in-country medical professionals who will take care of these children going forward. With a 4 year track record of collaboration and partnership, and the addition of the brand new state-of-the-art hospital facility, the impact of these mission trips continues to gain momentum.