The success of Heart Care International's training efforts and life-saving heart missions is dependent not only on the talented team brought to the host country, but equally on the support and talent of the members of Heart Care International's host country partners, corporate sponsors and individual donors. Their continuous altruistic support has enabled Heart Care International to successfully maintain its charitable work throughout the years, weathering well the ever more challenging environment with more stringent rules, changing company policies and shifting governments which make our missions tougher to plan. Heart Care International is hopeful that with these strong partnerships it will be able to continue its work for many more years reaching ever more children in need.

Host Country Partners

HCI missions represent a new partnership between HCI's tertiary care organization, the indigenous medical community and host country local lay people, one that focuses both on immediate care as well as on education and training so that local physicians and other health care professionals may eventually be able to provide similar treatment long after HCI has left the country. Over the course of the past 15 years, Heart Care International is fortunate to have partnered with outstanding professionals at UNICAR Hospital in Guatemala, CEDIMAT Hospital and Bloom Hospital in El Salvador. But the relationship would not be complete without the critical input from local lay people, often times small local children's or heart care philanthropies, who help bring key governmental and business relationships to support the mission trip. Heart Care Dominicana (in the Dominican Republic) and Sana Mi Corazon (in El Salvador) have helped pave the way for expedited and effective mission trips in their respective countries.


In 1999, Heart Care International partnered with Heart Care Dominicana to work, first at the Hospital Plaza de la Salud and then Cedimat. Heart Care Dominicana is a Dominican non-profit organization with the mission providing care for patients whose income prevents them from getting the required cardiovascular procedures to lead a healthy life; thus providing a better quality of life for them and their families. Our beneficiaries are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated locally, assuring the quality of treatment, evolution and follow up. They accomplish their mission by partnering up with international medical organizations to provide free heart surgery to indigent Dominican children and at the same time train the local physicians and nurses.

A state-of-the-art private non-profit hospital, CEDMAT offers free medical services to a significant number of indigent familes. In 2006, with the support of Heart Care Dominicana, CEDIMAT opened the first Pediatric Cardiovascular Unit in the Dominican Republic.

This is a private hospital equipped with some of the best medical technology in El Salvador. It very generously donates the use of its facilities so that the medical teams of Heart Care International and the Bloom Hospital can offer cath lab procedures to indigent sick children.

All surgical treatments offered by Heart Care International (HCI) in El Salvador are performed at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital. HCI’s medical team works side by side with the local physicians and nurses from this hospital to screen, treat and offer post-op care to the children. The Bloom Hospital is the only public children’s hospital in El Salvador, it has a long medical history of treating the most disadvantaged children from its country.

In 2005, Heart Care International partnered with Sana mi Corazon to act as our key liaison with the El Salvadorian medical
community, the government and custom officials. They support Heart Care International with the local expenses and logistics. Sana mi Corazón ( Heal my Heart Foundation) is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2000 committed to improve the quality of life of El Salvadorian children from low income families who are born with a congenital heart disease. Sana mi Corazón was established to provide support to the National Health System which is not able to aid the 600 children that are born each year, who need some type of life-saving procedure. Through different programs such as the permanent cardiac catheterism program, and the partnership with Heart Care International and the Hospital Bloom, Sana Mi Corazon has been able to aid 1274 children.

Heart Care International (HCI) first met Dr. Gatián in 1994. He became the main local driver for all the HCI missions in Guatemala. With the help and support of his friends and family, Dr. Gaitan ran all the in-country logistics required to host HCI cardiac missions. The first couple of missions were done at the Roosvelt Hospital in Guatemala City. This is a public hospital affiliated with the University of San Carlos School of Medicine. The following HCI missions were hosted at the Centro Médico Militar de Guatemala which serves the general public as well as the families of military personnel. During the last years of HCI’s work in Guatemala, HCI partnered up with UNICAR, always through Dr. Gaitan’s connections.

In 2011, Heart Care International partnered with the INSN to raise the level and quality of the diagnostic and surgical care, for pediatric heart disease, offered at their hospital. This goal is achieved by conducting joint cardiac missions, conferences, lectures and workshops. The INSN is one of the biggest public Children’s hospitals in Peru. It serves children that come from every corner in Peru.

Fundación Peruana Cardio Infantil supports Heart Care International’s medical missions at the INSN as well as the training of its physicians and nurses.